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Our history

1975 - 1984

1975 Van Straten Medical founded by Jaap van Straten and introducing constant vacuum wound drainage systems. 
1977 Strategic cooperation with Lawton for the distribution of surgical instruments. 
1977 Distribution of Zimmer orthopedics in the Benelux (until 1984).
1980 Distribution and first introduction in The Netherlands of the Tubinger dental implant. 
1983 Start international distribution network for wound drainage systems. 
1984 Production facility Medinorm co-founded by Jaap van Straten for the production of wound drainage systems.


1984 – 2003

1984 Distribution of DePuy orthopedics in the Netherlands (until 1999).
1989 Development and worldwide introduction of the pre-evacuated LVS low vacuum wound drainage system. 
1990 Export of Medinorm wound drainage systems expanded to more than 20 countries.  
2000 Development of the DONOR blood reinfusion system. 
2003 Development of the LVS NG constant low vacuum wound drainage system. 


2003 – heden

2003 Development and sales of the CCI Evolution total ankle replacement (until 2011).
2009 Instrument Repair Centre established within Van Straten Medical for the repair of surgical instruments.
2011 Wright Medical Technologies acquired the CCI Evolution total ankle replacement.
2012 Acquisition of the company Medical Repairs Ltd, specialised in repair and fixation of instruments and endoscopes. 
2013 Building and integration of a new production area with 6 different production departments. 
2014 Integration of advanced machinery, including laser marking centre, water jet machining centre, CNC milling and CNC turning centre. 
2014 Purchase of the ScopeControl® for automated testing of endoscopes at Van Straten Medical.
2015 Washer disinfector for cleaning of fixated instrument baskets and surgical instrument.
2015 Celebrating 40 years Van Straten Medical. 

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